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Quebec City & Ile d'Orleans Tour... A journey through time

Quebec City & Ile d'Orleans Tour - Unique Quebec Tours - group tours

Duration: minimum 3 hours
Rates: from $170.00 CDN taxes included

You are traveling in a group and would like to treat yourself to a guided tour, so let me join your group on your coach and guide you through Quebec and its region.

Enhance your city tour with a visit of the Île d'Orléans, cradle of rural French America. You will fall under the charm of this unique island where landscapes, heritage and agritourism unite to enchant you.

After your city tour a short 15 minute drive along the St. Lawrence River will take you to Ile d'Orléans. The island is more than 450 years of history. Its ancestral houses, built from 1647, its mills and manors are the witnesses of the island's rich heritage. Also, the island offers an exceptional view of the St. Lawrence River, Quebec City and the Laurentian Mountains. Finally, the island is home to many farms and is famous for its maple products, local producers and vineyards.

The 3 hr tour includes:
A 2 hr Quebec City tour

    An abbreviated tour of Île d'Orléans (western tip of the island) that will remind you the picturesque charm of 19th century rural life.

OPTION: A longer tour would allow you to include in your circuit one or more optional attractions such as:

    A more complete tour of Île d'Orléans. To discover everything drive through the villages of St-Laurent, St-Jean, Ste-Famille and St-Pierre founded in 1661 and 1679. Visit one of the many art galleries on the island, an old mill, a manor house dating from the French regime ($), a rural church built in the XVIII century... (allow a min of 90-120 min)
    A visit to a sugar Shack and a tasting of maple products ($) (allow 30-45 min)
    A visit to a vineyard ($), a cider factory ($) or another local producer ($)... (allow 45 min)
    A visit to the
Parc de la Chute-Montmorency (waterfall) ($) (allow 30-60 min)

Contact me to get the rates for a visit of more than 3 hrs.

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